Vittorio Amedeo Cignaroli (Turin 1730 – 1800), Arcadian landscape with noblewomen by the jetty

Artist: VITTORIO AMEDEO CIGNAROLI (Turin 1730 – 1800)
Title: Arcadian landscape with noblewomen by the jetty
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: cm 79 x 107
Period: 1700

[…] of particular charm, disclosing and narrating the happy tale of Arcadia with  noblewomen and knights and their delightful easy-life. The figures represent noble women, immersed in a fresh and luminous bucolic atmosphere in the countryside, on the banks of a small river, interacting with a river boat: they represent the fortunate Piedmontese aristocracy, who live in an imaginary pastoral community, in which agrarian  land is borrowed as the garden. In this fictitious pastoral world tender loves blossom and the sentimental air of this rural scenery is restricted, like the dimensions of a small paradise, to the dimensions of this canvas.

Like the nymphs of certain Arcadian painters, Turinese ladies on vacation stroll among flowers, dance on lawns, dine on grass: on canvas, the poetic arcadia is elevated to lightness, gallant and gracefulness, tending to create attractive shades, in consonance with the figurative developments of the Rococo…

Click HERE for a full description in the 2015 Giamblanco Catalogue, pg. 78.