Castelli «Lo Spadino» (Rome, 1659 – 1730 circa) – Amorosi (Comunanza 1660 – Rome 1738), Still life

 GIOVANNI PAOLO CASTELLI known as «LO SPADINO» (Rome 1659 – 1730 circa)
, ANTONIO MERCURIO AMOROSI (Comunanza 1660 – Rome 1738)
Title: Still life
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 123 x 149 cm
Period: 1600

This large “Fruit still life with a young woman and two children” has long been acknowledged as work of Giovanni Paolo Castelli, known as “Lo Spadino”. He’s the most famous member of a family of artists who specialised in still life, and were active in Rome in the second half of the 17th century and in the first decades of the following century (Bocchi and Bocchi 2005, I, pp. 609, 616). As regards the human shapes, critics have in addition identified the hand of Antonio Mercurio Amorosi who collaborated with Castelli on several occasions. Amorosi was an extremely versatile painter, recorded as a copyist, restorer and artist of sacred altarpieces, but he owes his fame mainly to genre painting and portraits, especially those of children, characterised by extreme realism. There are more works by a joint collaboration between Antonio Amorosi and Lo Spadino, such as “Bacchus with a fruit basket” from a private collection auctioned at…

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