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Are you looking for someone who can make a correct appraisal of the painting you have at home or have inherited? Are you looking for a place in which you can entrust the purchase of a painting without stalling? Have you inherited antique objects, amongst which, there are paintings that you are not sure how to value and you would like to find someone to advice you on how to proceed in this? Someone who has the right kind of experience to guide you into making a good purchase or a good sale? Do you especially want to avoid ending up with false art appraisals or charged highly just for professional replies? Do you want to deal with people who you can trust, who are honest and will not treat you merely as a number? Do you want honest answers in the appraisal of the painting you possess without fear of being deceived? You have come to the right place.

At Giamblanco Gallery we share your concerns: we want to communicate and to offer our clients what’s in their best interest, be it in restoration, appraisal or publication, avoiding unnecessary charges on inconsequential results. We will therefore tell you in all honesty if what you possess carries no historic or artistic value, and likewise, if the artwork in your possession is noteworthy, we will recommend the most suitable means of obtaining the best value for the painting, or a befitting swift compensation, should you have no time to spare. Our greatest desire is to ensure that whoever enters our Gallery feels at ease to freely admire our exhibits, and freely decide to buy or not to buy, at their own pace and peace of mind. For more information, CLICK HERE

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Amigoni, Jacopo
Amorosi, Antonio Mercurio
Antoniani, Francesco
Assereto, Gioacchino


Baburen, Dirck van
Bacigalupo, Giuseppe
Balestra, Antonio
Beaumont, Claudio Francesco
Beinaeschi, Giovan Battista
Belli, Benito
Bellucci, Antonio
Belvedere, Andrea
Bloemen, Jan Frans van
Bloemen, Pieter detto «lo Stendardo»
Boni, Giacomo Antonio
Bonnaud, Pierre
Brandi, Giacinto
Brueghel, Abraham
Burrini, Antonio
Buzana, Clemente Giovanna Battista detta «la Clementina»


Caccia, Guglielmo (detto il Moncalvo)
Cairo, Francesco
Calza, Antonio
Campo, Angelo
Caravaggesco emiliano
Carlieri, Alberto
Carlone, Giovanni Andrea
Carlone, Giovanni Battista
Castelli, Giovanni Paolo detto «lo Spadino»
Castello, Valerio
Cavarozzi, Bartolomeo
Cerquozzi, Michelangelo
Cervi, Giulio
Cignaroli, Angelo
Cignaroli, Giambettino
Cignaroli, Vittorio Amedeo
Cipper, Giacomo Francesco, detto «il Todeschini»
Compagno, Scipione
Conca, Maria Tommaso
Coninck, David de
Costanzi, Placido
Cousin, Louis detto «Luigi Gentile»
Crosato, Giambattista
Cucchi, Giovanni


Dandini, Pietro
Dauphin, Charles
De Ferrari, Gregorio
Diziani, Gaspare
Duprà, Giuseppe


Ferri, Ciro
Fischetti, Fedele
Foschi, Francesco
Fracanzano, Cesare
Fracanzano, Francesco
Furini, Francesco


Gagliardi, Giovanni
Galliani, Omar
Gamba, Enrico
Gandolfi, Gaetano
Garola, Pier Francesco
Garzi, Luigi
Gennari, Benedetto il Giovane
Gennari, Cesare
Giamblanco, Salvatore
Giaquinto, Corrado
Giordano, Luca
Graneri, Giovanni Michele
Grillo, Gaetano
Grosso, Giacomo


Hamme, Joost van de


Lagorio, Antonio
Langetti, Giovanni Battista
Lauri, Filippo
Lazzarini, Gregorio
Lint, Hendrik van detto «Monsù Studio»
Litterini, Bartolomeo
Lorenzi, Francesco
Loth, Johann Carl
Lozet de Simon, Niccolò


«Maestro dei Fiori Guardeschi»
Maestro di Santo Spirito (Agnolo del Mazziere?)
Maestro fiorentino
Magnasco, Alessandro detto «il Lissandrino»
Marchisio, Andrea
Marini, Antonio Maria
Marmi, Giovanni Battista
Mazzonis, Ottavio
Merano, Giovanni Battista
Mercanti, Ilario detto «lo Spolverini»
Morgari, Pietro
Morgari, Rodolfo
Mulier, Pieter detto «il Tempesta»


Narici, Francesco
Navarra, Pietro


Olivero, Pietro Domenico
Ottani, Gaetano


Pace, Michelangelo detto «Michelangelo del Campidoglio»
Parodi, Domenico
Pecchio, Domenico
Pellegrini, Giovanni Antonio
Pellegrini, Riccardo
Peruzzini, Antonio Francesco
Petrini, Giuseppe Antonio
Pianca, Giuseppe Antonio
Piattoli, Gaetano
Piola, Domenico
Piola, Paolo Gerolamo
Pistoletto, Michelangelo
Pittoni, Giovanni Battista
Porpora, Paolo
Preti, Mattia
Procaccini, Ercole il Giovane


Quadrone, Giovanni Battista


Raggi, Pietro Paolo
Rapous, Michele Antonio
Rapous, Vittorio Amedeo
Régnier, Nicolas
Reschi, Pandolfo
Ricci, Sebastiano
Ricciolini, Niccolò
Riminaldi, Orazio


Salinas, Pablo
Salini, Tommaso detto «Mao»
Scilla, Agostino
Sclopis, Ignazio
Seiter, Daniel
Signorini, Bartolomeo
Simonini, Francesco
Solimena, Francesco
Stanchi, Giovanni
Starace, Girolamo
Strozzi, Bernardo


Tempesta, Antonio
Tibaldi, Antonio
Titi (o di Tito), Santi
Trevisani, Angelo
Trevisani, Francesco
Turchi, Alessandro detto «l’Orbetto»


Vaccaro, Andrea
Valeriani, Giuseppe
Vecchia, Pietro della
Vitale, Filippo


Zais, Giuseppe
Zanchi, Antonio

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