Our services, in few words

  1. Direct purchase of antique paintings from the 13th to the 19th century.
  2. Direct purchase of antique furniture and objects, from important collections or published, or purchased from important galleries or even with an important historical track record.
  3. Sale of antique paintings from the 19th century.
  4. Brokerage sales of works objects and furniture also from inheritances.
  5. Analysis of antique paintings from the 13th to the 19th century, also not for sale.
  6. Certificates of authenticity of paintings also not for sale.
  7. Restoration of antique paintings.
  8. Free valuations only if the painting is brought to our premises or through photos.
  9. Written appraisals of antique paintings, furniture and objects, including those from inheritance.
  10. Study and research on paintings not for sale.

We are able to help you discover the author of the painting in your possession, even if not for sale, but of great historical and artistic importance, and to advise you whether or not it is necessary to study and research it in depth and possibly have an expertise done by the relevant historian. To discover our sale and purchase service CLICK HERE.


Come into the Gallery without hesitation and we will be happy to give you the information you require or even just let you look at the exhibits.

At the Giamblanco Gallery, in addition to the trade in antique paintings, we also restore paintings and for technical studies we use specialised laboratories for the analysis of the works on canvas and wood that pass through our premises.

The in-depth study of the paintings and the probable attribution of the work are discussed with the relevant expert in order to be able to offer customers the highest possible professionalism. The interest of Galleria Giamblanco is to offer the purchaser a product that turns out to be an excellent investment over time, without excluding the emotion due to the fact of owning in the house a piece of historical and artistic importance reserved to the “chosen few”. The gallery has the possibility to sell through intermediation works of art coming also from inheritance or, if the agreed value corresponds to everyone’s satisfaction, Mr and Mrs Giamblanco can also be direct buyers of the proposed pieces.

The works sold are always accompanied by:

  • gallery catalogue, if published.
  • technical sheet/certificate of authenticity, if not published in the gallery catalogue.

Whoever would like to have even only a research of the work in his possession, without the necessity of selling it, can apply to the Giamblanco Gallery to have a correct analysis and eventually an expertise of the scholar specialized on the artist to whom we refer.