Giovanni Battista Beinaschi (Fossano 1634/1636 – Naples 1688), Jacob’s dream

Artist: GIOVANNI BATTISTA BEINASCHI (Fossano 1634/1636 – Naples 1688)
Title: Jacob’s dream
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 144 x 195 cm
Period: 1675 – 1680

The painting is an unpublished work by Giovanni Battista Beinaschi. […]. The darkness is typical of the artist, as is the dynamic impetus, the contrasting luminism, the long and flowing brushstroke, the diagonal stroke present in all his compositions, according to his characteristic interpretation of Lanfranchism in Baroque key […]. Similarly, to Pierfrancesco Mola, Luca Giordano, Sebastiano Ricci or Paolo De Matteis, Beinaschi was also a wanderer and itinerant, who was able to absorb a wide range of influences during his travels around Italy, and during his lengthier stays in Rome and Naples where he made the frescoes of numerous churches.

Click HERE for a full description in the Catalogue Twenty-five years of activity 2017/2018, pg. 50-51