Tommaso Maria Conca (Gaeta 1732 – Rome 1822), Offering gifts to Coroliano

Artist: TOMMASO MARIA CONCA (Gaeta 1732 – Rome 1822)
Title: Offering gifts to Coroliano
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: cm 73 x 136
Period: Second half of the 18th century

This artwork was published in La pittura neoclassica italiana, by A. Cera, Longanesi, Milan 1987.

“Son of the painter Giovanni and Anna Laura Scarsella, Tommaso Maria Conca was born in Rome on 22nd December 1734 and was baptised at S. Lorenzo in Damaso on the 24th. A funeral eulogy preserved in the Archives of the Accademia di S. Luca (vol. LXXII, n. 116, also in S. Conca, 1981, pp. 391 – 392) contains the main points of his biography. Conca spent a part of his childhood in Turin where his father, invited by the king of Sardinia, lived from November 1738 to June 1748, after which he returned to Rome. At his father’s school Conca learned the principles of drawing and painting ”.
– Enciclopedia Treccani, Tommaso Conca