Giulio Cervi (Rome 1854 – 1893), The right way

Artist: GIULIO CERVI (Rome 1854-1893)
Title: The right way
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: cm 64 x 44,5
Period: 1800

“The painting illustrates the encounter between a richly dressed young man on horseback and a beautiful peasant woman on a path in the Roman countryside. The anecdotal nature of this work is found in both the title chosen: “The Right Way” and in the broad gestures of the characters. The scene becomes eloquent by the meticulous facial expressions, that give insight into the respective personalities of the protagonists; in particular, the juxtaposition of the young man’s proud gaze versus the serenity and confidence perceived in the face of the young girl. ”

Click HERE for a full description in the Catalogue Twenty-five years of activity 2018, pg. 98-99).

Galleria Giamblanco, Twenty-five years of activity, by Deborah Lentini and Salvatore Giamblanco, Allemandi, Turin 2018