Guglielmo Caccia known as Il Moncalvo (Montabone 1568 – Moncalvo 1625), Saint George

Artist: GUGLIELMO CACCIA known as IL MONCALVO (Montabone 1568 – Moncalvo 1625)
Title: Saint George
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 196 x 133 cm
Period: 1600

“This beautiful unpublished painting, found in an excellent state of conservation, depicts St. George of Cappadocia on horseback sheathing his sword. The dragon lays on the ground dying, almost trampled by the white steed. A smiling angel is about to place a crown on the saint’s head, while in the background, on the left, the painter depicts St. George’s martyrdom; according to hagiography, he was decapitated following a series of horrible torture and torments. In truth, these are all events lacking documentation; they were brought to life by Pope Gelasius in his apocryphal text Passio Sancti Georgii in 496 and have developed over time through folk retelling. What we don’t find in this painting, is the figure of the princess that was freed by the saint. ”

(Expert appraisal carried out by Alberto Cottino)

Click HERE for a full description in the Catalogue Twenty-five years of activity 2017/2018, pg. 16-17