Francesco Antonio Simonini (Parma 1686-1766), Military scene with the signing of a treaty

Artist: FRANCESCO ANTONIO SIMONINI (Parma 1686 – 1766)
Title: Military scene with the signing of a treaty
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 151 x 224 cm
Period: 1745

This military scene, centred on the signing of a treaty either suspending hostilities or surrendering a besieged city, with artillery positioned in designated openings in buttresses, near mounds of artificial soil, watched over by soldiers and on which flags are hoisted, constitutes an interesting new addition to the already conspicuous Simonini Catalogue. In fact, it combines special features of a painter of battles with those of a landscape artist, the latter of which is what Simonini continued to cultivate in his later years, often as a background to military scenes; be they real battles, or movements of troops, military camp-sights or episodes related to military campaigns …

Click HERE for a full description in the Catalogue Twenty-five years of activity 2017/2018, pg. 88-89.