Riccardo Pellegrini (Milan 1863 – Crescenzago 1934), Work under the sun

Artist: RICCARDO PELLEGRINI (Milan 1863 – Crescenzago 1934)
Title: Work under the sun
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: cm 16,5 x 22,5
Period: Second half of the 19th century

Born in Milan on 11 March 1863 and died in Crescenzago on 31 March 1934. He studied in his hometown, then in Rome, and in Naples with Domenico Morelli. He traveled to Spain, England and France to deepen his knowledge in art. In 1912 he won the Muller House competition in London for his illustrations of “Gil Blas” of Lesage. Then he was commissioned the illustrations for “Don Quixote”. From then on, he collaborated with the main European magazines. His rare exhibitions in Italy, always met with success. His sketch “Malia” is to be found at the Berlin Museum of Art; “La ridda”, at the Gofort Museum in Stuttgart; “The kiss of sun”, at the Goupil Gallery in Paris. The drawings made for the “Gil Blas” were collected in a room dedicated to the Pilgrims in the Glasgow Museum. At the Bottega di Poesia exhibition held in Milan in 1926 they featured: “A carpet market in Spain”; “Winter quiet”; “Sun of July”; “One August morning in Toledo”; “Valencian Sea”; “The spouses”. Other works: “The antiquarian” in Dr. Pietro Ruffini’s collection in Milan; “In the market” (Xeres); “Sur la promenade des Anglais”; “Notes of Spain”; “Remembrance of Seville”; “I remember my country”: “El picador”; “El primer espada”; “View of Seville”; “Spanish types”; “A bullfighter”.

by A.M.Comanducci I pittori italiani dell’ottocento; dizionario critico e documentario, edizioni Libreria Malavasi

– Expertise by Alberto Cottino