Vittorio Amedeo Cignaroli (Turin 1730 – 1800), Landscape with wayfarers and herds near a bridge

Artist: VITTORIO AMEDEO CIGNAROLI (Turin 1730 – 1800)
Title: Landscape with wayfarers and herds near a bridge
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: cm 65,5 x 101
Period: 1765 c.a

This delicate and airy rural scene, probably attributable to the painter’s early maturity, towards the mid 1760s, highlights Cignaroli’s great skill in rendering the luminous and atmospheric effects, noticeable in particular in the slight chromatic variations between the foliage of the trees, in the gradual fading of the horizon light and in the silvery transparency of the water. Great care is also put into the representation of the figures in the foreground, skilfully constructed with swift touches of colour, and to the imaginary building that stands out against the scenic background.